About Our Organization

RaceMD®, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was formed in 2009 to accelerate the search for intermediate therapies to prolong the lives and health of children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). In the muscle cells of DMD patients, injury is ongoing, every second of every day. That makes our mission a race.

In our pursuit of answers and actionable therapy, RaceMD® has commissioned seven clinical DMD trials, three in vitro DMD tissue studies, and sponsored the creation of two biomarkers vital to better understanding the underlying causes of DMD.

RaceMD® has professional collaborative agreements with internationally recognized and highly reputable physicians, neurosurgeons, and researchers and is working with them to bring new therapies to these boys NOW.

We Need Your Help to Rescue These Boys!

Without support, every child with Duchenne muscular dystrophy is condemned to a short, limited life with no reprieve from ever-declining muscle and nerve function. Please donate today. They deserve so much more.

We are grateful for the generous support of these organizations. We can't do it without you!


RaceMD® Research and Therapy Collaborations

RaceMD® has a history of groundbreaking research into the causes and mechanisms of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). We have initiated seven DMD patient trials, three in vitro DMD tissue studies, and sponsored the creation of two biomarkers.

Research we funded led to the publication of peer-reviewed journal articles. We have initiated formal collaborations with respected institutions, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA; the University of Washington, Seattle, WA; and Children's Hospital of Oakland Research Foundation (CHORI), Oakland, CA. Additionally, we:

  • Helped found The Duchenne Alliance, formed as "a call to action to save the health of all boys suffering from DMD."
  • Were the first foundation supporter of university research focused on muscle regeneration and sponsored a summit conference with DMD foundation leaders and researchers to raise awareness and support for the research.
  • Pushed for the formulation of specific electrolyte compounds to be used as therapies to mitigate calcium influx in DMD cells.
  • Negotiated a proof of concept trial to test the synergistic effects of steroids and the amino acid L-Arginine on DMD boys.
  • Upon learning that DMD's progress may be arrested through transplanting patients' own stem cells, RaceMD® established a collaborative relationship with the Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute, India's leading center for stem cell therapy.

Hotter Than Hell Marathon

Hotter than Hell Marathon

We are in a race, and a winning race is run by a dedicated team! This annual marathon raises money for DMD research. It is an all-night marathon in one of the hottest cities in the US, and since 2008 all proceeds of the marathon have been donated to RaceMD®. Right now, we here in Portland can support our team in New Orleans by matching the funds raised at the Hotter than Hell Marathon.

This year folks in New Orleans are on track to raise more than $10,000! We are asking our local "team" to match their dedication. Just click any of the "donate" buttons on this site to get involved.

We chose the name RaceMD® because we are literally in a race against time. The boys with DMD lose muscle cells irretrievably every day. That's why we have chosen to pursue the fastest route possible to getting them help. We are in a race, and a winning race is run by a dedicated team.

Many thanks for your generous support of lifesaving research! Please go to our Instagram for updates on this event! https://www.instagram.com/hthmarathonnola?igsh=MTBjd241bzAzcng3Mg==

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How to Become a Sponsor

When you sponsor RaceMD®'s research, you not only earn the gratitude of Duchenne muscular dystrophy boys and their families around the globe, but you are featured on our sponsorship page and on every piece of literature we distribute, as well as on banners, t-shirts, and other promotional items. For more information on becoming a sponsor, contact us. We would love to see your logo here!

About RaceMD®

RaceMD® was founded in 2008 by the parents of a boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy to provide support and hope to other families through information, research, and action. We believe the medical discoveries have advanced to the point where DMD patients may have real, intermediate therapy available that can help extend life until cures are found.

RaceMD® has also since founded the Duchenne Stem Cell Forum in an effort to keep the public up to date on the newest information, research, and therapy options available for Duchenne.