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RaceMD® began with the mission to accelerate the search for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) therapy to save lives. Our mission has evolved from research to rescue as we fund real therapies for real patients NOW.

Boys with DMD

Our organization is unique in that we proactively support clinical investigations in groundbreaking new medical technologies, support the delivery of new therapy to Duchenne patients, and set up collaborations among leading international researchers and physicians for new DMD therapies.

While the US lags behind in current DMD research and therapy, the international community recognizes both the unmet need for treatments now to save patients and the high success rate of emerging therapies in other countries. With your help, RaceMD® is here to bring these therapies to the boys who need them now. They don't have the luxury of time.

We Need Your Help!

All donations go directly to the support of outcome-based results in DMD patients and investigation of improved and actionable therapies. All of this is to help deliver therapy to those who need it most.

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New Trials are revealing evidence of therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy, GCSF (Poland 2017), Allogenic Stem Cells Umbilical Cord (Ukraine 2014), Allogenic Mesenchymal (Turkey 2019) all as presented in our clinical trial updates. 

Finding a Cure So Patients Can Live Happy and Healthy Lives

Seeking to Prolong the Lives of Children with DMD

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